Evi Raptis

I started out around 2015 on the internet just looking for some laughs, and found something rather eye-opening: new perspective.  At first I just wanted to mess with people and be generally edgy, but I found purpose through my autism: I discovered pinochetian political boldness, the truth about race and white identity, the JQ, and really what’s going on around me as I stumbled through life.

I found that almost everything pissing me off is bad by design, not by nature.  I also learned some things that I didn’t want to hear, but eventually accepted as truth.  It hasn’t always been a pleasant journey (though I did enter during an era of white pills), but I’ve discovered a lot about myself in the process: I’ve found out more about my identity; things about myself that actually matter; things I can be proud of and seek to protect and pass on to my own children.

If you’re here, you’re probably on this trip through bitter, censored reality with me.  I’m glad you are; it’s like being pulled from the matrix at this point.  I hate using movie references (>drumpgh is literally voldemort) but the redpill is a pretty great analogy and an old but quality meme.