Evi in a Flash

Hello and welcome to The Raptis Report (not really).  I’m your hostess, Evi Raptis, one of the most hateful lovers of people you’ll ever meet.  As a true-blooded American, I enjoy spitting on tyrants, globalists, elitists and all of the off-limits groups of protected persons (so generally everyone other than white, straight, right-wing, Western men).  I don’t usually try to be cringy, but have pity on me: I can’t help that I was born a woman.

On the topic of womanhood, I can tell you that at the time of writing this, I’m no roastie.  I’m also not a catlady yet, since I’m still at in the, ehem, fertile season of my life (oh, late 20s or so).  I’m not married, though maybe if there weren’t so many state-sucking communists around here I would be by now.  In any case, it’s something I’m working on.

I have a talent for making very specific memes (on Gimp and MS Paint because I’m too autistic to buy Photoshop), composing lovely shitposts, and doing my real job on the side.  This, as of right now, is a hobby: I’m no expert, but since my work is generally well-received, I’ll kept at it.

5/5 Breddy Gudd :DDDD