When one examines the modern left, it’s expected to be forged by jews and propelled by their creations.  Of course, that’s what an honest character would see.  I see each step of societal decay following the nose every time I open my American-designed, Chinese-made, jewish-marketed media machine.  But was it always that way?  Displacement of the whites is quite apparently the objective now, but what was going on 150 years ago?  Jewry, certainly: nobody can deny the kikery of (((New York))) even back in the day, but it almost seems as if what is now the left was at the time much more advocative of whites.  That is to say, it was controlled primarily by whites, or so it seemed.

While at our country’s infancy politicians were separated by, well, political position, now it’s just a game of who gets to stay alive for the next 50 years.  The founder of the democrat party, President Jackson, had some pretty kick-ass ideas, for instance; he wasn’t the jew-of-war devourer of european bloodlines that defines his modern party.  The anglo-saxon American race was debating over how to create, as creating is our nature.  Americanism is now any man (or gender-queer non binary whateverthefuck)’s insulting LARP of muh freedom on certain occasions and an inhuman third-world fight for whitey’s gibs the rest of the time.  So yeah, anyone can be American now, I guess.  We’re a melting pot, right?

Wrong.  My ancestors never asked to become a multiracial jew soup, and they should have a say in the matter since they created the place.  Americans are not an idea; we’re a people.  We have legitimate culture, interests, and genetic heritage.  There’s nothing American about spreading our ass for any mudskin goblino to slide on in.  The statue of Liberty never meant that.  If anything, it represented homage to the stock of people that came from white nations to escape (((tyranny))) and founded effectively the ideal white homeland (though it didn’t stay that way for long, let’s be honest).

So, which was it: was the left a jewish invention or was it hijacked by them?  Neither would surprise me, though considering (((their))) tendency to hijack white things and turn them into monsters, I’m leaning with the latter.  The ideas that were originally leftist (or of that party) aren’t even what we think of any more.  Thinking about slavery, for instance: after the civil war ended, the entire country had lost.  The south didn’t want to be jewed by the north and the north didn’t want the homeland to start crumbling.  Who won in the end?  Well, I think the answer is clear: nobody was looking forward to former slaves living among us in the next 50 years safe for maybe one select party.  An obvious compromise would have been to just send them home, but that was never really what it was about, was it?  Instead, look at what we’ve paid.

It is strenuous at times to determine whether something is of jewish origin or jewish persuasion from its inception.  Their nature, it is important to remember, is to pervert things; they are not, fundamentally, creators.  As Henry Ford put it in The International Jewthey are of the mindset, ‘to get‘ whereas we have always been here ‘to make‘.  They are the architects of very few of the original ideas, institutions, and products which they now control.  While it’s difficult to imagine, banks, media, and art are not of themselves evil conventions: after all, who created them?

In the same way, the jew corrupts the mind of the individual through incremental degradation of his moral temperament; he breaks down political parties until they no longer represent their original constituencies or even serve their own nation.  He tears apart the wholesome traditions of his host and shows us how to be free in the clutches of vice.

the slope

Anything that can be used against us assuredly will.  The grip they’ve had on the judiciary in this country has been so instrumental in their agenda, for instance, because it has no direct (at least on the federal level) accountability to the people it ‘represents’.  To the jew, the courts are where people get to make decisions: on anything: as they see fit.  It’s only natural that they would squeal so loudly at the loss of their critarchy.  So much of the country has just been quietly watching as things go downhill.  We didn’t vote for it; why would we?  Do we suddenly desire to fundamentally change all of the institutions that have worked for our people for so long?  A vocal minority appear to, at least: so with that, we keep quiet and let the ‘country’ have what she ‘wants’.

the noseThe thing is, we don’t want any of this trash, and we need desperately to reverse the trend.  We can survive for some time by attacking individual issues, but the jew needs to be named at some point – the only way to stop him is to take away his subversive influence by letting people know that this is not in the slightest bit a natural progression but a tangible, controlled downfall of the world’s greatest civilization.


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