I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.    ~Pres. Thomas Jefferson

Upon such occasions as it has become necessary to dispel with our rulers, we have and of right ought to have deposed them.  While weak in the common culture (which may be called common only for its ostensive luridity), this principle is central to the American tradition.  While oft perverted to serve as calumnies against the more honest or sensible species of leader, the people of my country are yet prone to protest when the antecedents to tyranny are suspected.

But lo, much as the arts of war have become covert and indirect, so also have evolved the methods of tyranny and their proponents.  A well-informed and free people would remain so because the two are mutual necessities to the system of Western prosperity that we now take so much for granted.  Clearly that’s not our current heading, per the dictates of natural societal progression.

Now, before you shit on me for sounding like a boomer with the volume of clichés I’ve offered, consider them in the context of reality.  The (((chosen people))) have had ne’er so great a success as they have preying upon the ignorance and vanity of a people whose freedom was inherited.  Subversion of this sort is only sustainable when the parasite’s host is already enormously powerful – one of the central reasons it is the huwhites that are the greatest target.  Keeping with the parasite-host analogy moreover, our misshapen friends have likewise never yet made their way into the host’s brain, being confined historically to the lesser systems where they may be detected and dejected.

We as white westerners have become the workhorses of (((foreign entities))) that encourage our submission to lassitude and degeneracy, making us docile and susceptible to domestication.  The order of our society in accordance with zog has been to accept no less than a certain threshold of indecorous nonsense that is adverse to our self-interest.  That is why the counter-culture of chaos in the face of degeneracy has often taken the shape of traditionalism.  In this sense, true western progressivism is conservatism.  In the pantheon of autistic shitlord kekism, it isn’t coincidence that the quasi-prophetic meme of Christian Bale entreating you to check his digits in what is forsooth a raincoat (much to the surprise of Mr. Allen) occurs in a scene where he discusses Hip to be Square before aggressively dismembering the inebriated crypto-jew.

And thus we find ourselves hacking at the odious bullshit that plagues our society while simultaneously attempting to piece together a culture of piety and pragmatic order.  Suffice it to say our business is a messy one.  So, even if it’s a little uncouth (and I should say that it is), we’re duty-bound to continue.

One may have noted the title of this article, which is an obvious allusion to the MGTOW jewish anti-white propaganda movement.  Call me a tradthot if you wish; I see no honor in intentionally becoming an incel and letting shitskins out-breed you because you’re unhappy with what society has done to women.  I implore the reader to try seeing the forest for the trees; it’s not women that are the target: it’s white people.


Never forget

Congoids and insectoids are intended to replace exactly the elements that they’re trying to strip from our own men and women, respectively.  Some women would prefer lashing out against their fathers by dating a negroid when all the white men act like women.  Likewise, men find solace in mongoloids when their women cease to present themselves as feminine.  Obviously, this is unnatural behavior in both cases.

Instead of giving up on menfolk or womenfolk of your own species then, give up on the jew.  Betray his perfidious instruction and temptations.  Shut off social media, which is an amplifier of the worst parts of society.  Resist any nudity or other degenerate behavior – goyim never needed it!  It is this gradual increase in what we will tolerate that corrupts us as individuals and as a people.  Your ability to influence a culture begins with your ability to effect change in yourself: if you cannot resist corruption you have no platform from which to pull others from it, which is the objective.

We, the white western goyim, need no longer be the providers, hosts, protectors, and work animals of this human plague.  Whether it’s jews or shabbos leftist goy, this is an intolerable burden and we are free to escape it.  We are free to go our own way.

With love,



2 thoughts on “Goyim Going Their Own Way

  1. Great article. But haven’t there been many europian cultures that historically accepted nudity and didn’t find it degenerate? I’m still not convinced that nudity or revealing clothing is dangerous.

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    1. I’d say it’s really a lowering of standards for decency. If you can’t have a society where piety and order can be kept under certain circumstances, those things should be done away with.

      It’s really the same thing as pornography. It’s a big, arched-nose-shaped slide to hell, especially when you have a country full of third worlders and jews.


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