Ær our native inclination to the pursuit of truth we found that those with whom our perspectives aligned abstractly had about them all provisions to become our friends or at least allies.  The more sociable of us, irrespective of our naïve ideological convictions, waged campaigns in solidarity with people we didn’t know; suffice it to be said that we didn’t know ourselves.  The unity of ideas was an advantage, but we were individually inept in a political sense.  Few had voices of their own: those who were articulate were mouthpieces of unoriginal philosophies at best; I should say most still are.

But lo, we’ve evolved.  We embraced the chaos of uncertainty and introduced the hurt-box of endless skepticism.  As we found ourselves being dejected from popular society it became clear that the suppression of our ideas, however glorious or egregious, would lead to our destruction.  Blackpillers say of course that our desolation, ideological, racial, national, &c, is all but complete at the hands of whatever (((forces))) have simultaneously made us so impotent.  I remain of course that nihilists are useless.  Do not mistake nihilism for realism; they can be distinguished by an appreciation of the whitepills.  It’s necessary to exercise great sagacity in the navigation of chaos; don’t abandon your convictions at a whim but do not make them inflexible.

Through it all, we’ve developed a culture of offence, not to be confused with the culture of offense, which is a natural predicate.  While the world seeks only reaffirmation and empowerment of its vanity and paltry comforts under the pretense of love and fraternity, the alternative movement flees this destructive behavior with wanton aggression, hoping to rediscover reality by grasping at the frayed seams of our dying civilization with veracity which must cause division.

The people whose lineage is responsible for the provisions of our societies, and the protections of our natural rights have been so deposed and disenfranchised that when the redpill starts to sink in, particularly for those of the male sex (as they truly have no refuge), they become naturally disgusted with those who  perpetrate the issue, those who are indignant or ignorant of it, those who lack the urgency to protect their heritage, and those who pose a perspective threat to the scramble for the world that our posterity will inherit.  It is the most genuine of persuasions, and it is so deeply necessary in the West that the labeling and persecution of we the bigots has become one of our only unifying characteristics, especially because our opposition is too dull and conceited to distinguish between us.

Anyone that goes on the forums of the chans, places like Stormfront and TheRightStuff, and all other rightist / kekist enclaves throughout the internet will very soon recognize the apparent hatred between small subsets of effectively parallel people.  Of course, we happen to know that calling someone a faggot is hardly an outrageous insult, and is in some cases a term of endearment, as gay as that sounds.  The jargon of shitposting and general #RWDS memeing would be pearl-clutchingly offensive to a normie, which makes us both inaccessible and unrelatable to the mainstream.  This has advantages and disadvantages, such as warding off (((people))) for whom we have a special contempt, while inhibiting our movement’s growth.

What I find abominable is when the intentional infighting receives more attention than the common objectives.  Nobody needs to get tied up on whether or not hook-nosed merchants with greasy side-locks and kippahs personally planted thermite in the WTC on 9/11 or if they just jewed some shitskins into getting the goyim to destroy themselves.  More retarded still are the endless (((hate threads))) for our own kind, or the autistic screeching about whether or not {{{potatoniggers}}} are even white or if slavs will be allowed into the ethnostate (probably not tbqh).  Granted, I’ve given a bit more credence to the Shareblue / JIDF / ADL memes after the Reiko Trap Harem bit emerged.  Nevertheless, they’re not all shills – many are just thiscucks and thatfags as demonstrated through the Internet Bloodsports.

It’s a counterproductive pastime and it is within our purview to eradicate.  I’m not advising the audience to resist calling out the FUCKING LEAF for dropping a God-awful shit-tier shillpost as his dog licks the last bit of peanutbutter from his perfidious taint every now and then, but we have to remember what we’re doing this for.  We need allies in this fight, even if their countries are getting cucked (I’m looking at you, Canada, Sweden, Germany, UK, and France) to a risible extent.  Their problems are our problems, and even if we don’t yet feel their effect, we will.

Make no mistake, dear reader, I am an American nationalist primarily and entirely, but when a war is waged upon people with whom I have a fundamental kinship, I will and ought to lend my support to them where I can afford it.  Each of you is a magistrate in your own right: name the shills, find the allies, and redpill the normies.  Deus vult, white man; guard what you love.

Forever your humble servant,

Evi Raptis.


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