Frankly, I’m not sure why this is a case that needs to be made, but for the slews of beta males that still think they might have an actual relationship with one of these creatures, I’ll lay down a few facts for ya.. Because I’m looking out for you. lol

OK, so for those that don’t know, THOT originally stands for That Hoe Over There. Of course, using an article such as a or the before thot changes its meaning a bit, making it an entirely new class of… individual. Thotties (not thots) are a horrible subhuman species of dick and soul sucking parasitic nobodies that have thousands of loose relationships but complain about how they don’t have any friends. They’re really the female version in the caste of cucks; an unacceptable level of degenerate just above the weeaboos and (God help us) the furries.

Many great campaigns have been waged against the thotties, particularly throughout the Great Meme War (2016). Commander Malik Obama was a leader in this campaign, among others. For those who don’t know, Malik is Barack’s half brother. He’s a Kekistani God-Emperor Trump loyalist, and doesn’t exactly get along with the former president.

On image boards, meme pages, blogs, etc., you’ll see BEGONE THOT and LOVE NO THOT, occasionally posted. These slogans are great reminders of the misery caused by thotties; one ought to live on dank memes, not white-knighting and throwing off casual butt reps. I have a few friends that are thotties, and a few friends that I call thotties to screw with them. In the former case, I associate with them to study them for scientific reports like this one. In the latter, that’s just what I do.

Look fellas, when you’re talking to a girl that’s venting about how all the other guys she know treat her like shit, there’s a really good chance that she talks about you in the same manner. Don’t do it, mate; you’re going to regret that shit, no matter how nice of a guy you think you are. Even if you do get to slide your pecker into her sloppy meatbag, you will wish you hadn’t. First, thotties carry STDs at a higher rate than regular girls (not to be confused with normies). Second, it’ll be lazy and boring and (if you’re a virgin) a poor representation of actual human coitus. Third, she will tell people about how 1: she didn’t fucking care, 2: she hardly noticed your tiny pecker, 3: you didn’t know what you were doing and left feeling all proud of yourself. Wow, kill yourself.

I’m sure I’m missing something here, but trust me, it’s not worth it. Now that you ARE NOT going to mess ’round with thotties, let’s go over how to identify a thot.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does she use the dog Snapchat filters?
  • In what percentage of her Instagram pics can you see her ass (14%+ is unacceptable)
  • Does she talk poorly about other sexual partners?
  • Does she have poor, lazy grammar and is a boring conversationalist?
  • Does she use sex as a vice to get anything outside of sex / intimacy?
  • How many friends does she have on Facebook? (who uses Facebook?) (3000+ is unacceptable)
  • How long do her ‘relationships’ usually last? (Figure it out, dummy)
  • Does she “hang out” with guys because she “doesn’t like the drama”?
  • Have you ever wondered why she takes notice in guys less attractive than you, but doesn’t seem to have any vested interest in you or anyone else?
  • Do you have to justify being with her?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, she’s a thot. Leave now while you still can. Seriously, keep your dignity (ha!) and your manhood (hahahahahaha).


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